I Can't Sell Awards Because...I Will Screw It Up Somehow

I Can’t Sell Awards Because…I Will Screw It Up Somehow

Burnt Toast Will Not Ruin a Chef’s Career
Have you burnt your toast recently? We’ve all been there. Thankfully the disappointment only lasts a second as you stuff more bread into the toaster and turn the temperature dial down. Burnt toast is an annoying inconvenience but not a deal-breaker. In fact, many people who burn toast become successful chefs, whether at home or professionally. Their success at making toast has no bearing on their ability to cook delicious food.

So it is with awards.

You may be afraid of screwing up something when it comes to selling awards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell them. The truth is you may have a “burnt toast incident” while selling awards. It happens sometimes and, it is the worst.

Don’t let fear prevent you from selling awards. Instead, use the three resources below to help you prevent errors and create a fool-proof award business that is on the straight and narrow.

Logoed Flyers
When you are courting a client and leading them towards an award program, you can pique their interest using logoed flyers. These highly detailed product flyers, case studies, and industry flyers will help you connect with your client during the pre-sale phase.

Flyers are full-color vibrant reflections of our awards. The flyers are free to you, have a spot for your logo, and are designed to add depth to your presentation. You have 18 options from which to choose. Once you have your client’s attention, offer them a sample or digital virtual.

Sample and Digital Virtuals
Samples and digital virtuals help you establish realistic expectations with your client while they choose an award. Clients can look at a sample from all sides, hold it, feel its weight, and inspect the etch quality. This helps your clients know what they should expect from you and your supplier. Samples can be ordered and be in your hands within just a few days.

If your timeline doesn’t allow for a sample, we can create a digital virtual. Digital virtuals arrive via email, as an attachment, giving your client a realistic impression of their unique award with their logo. Dealers have also used digital virtuals to help indecisive clients choose between different award options.

Both of these tools help your client know what they are purchasing and will make them feel comfortable choosing a crystal award.

In addition to samples and digital virtuals, our Solutions department is available to help you prepare for a client presentation. We have helped many dealers prepare collateral, access samples, and create digital virtuals that make the awards come alive.

Track Your Order 24/7
After your client has made their award choice and you’ve placed the order, you need to communicate like crazy. I call this the production phase because during this time the award is going through our production process.

All the information you’d ever want to know about your order is available online. You can login to Order Tracker™ anytime 24/7.

You will also receive multiple email updates about your order. And our in-house customer service professionals will check on your order while it is in production. You can speak with them directly on the phone if that is easier for you.

As you can see, the support we offer during the pre-sale, decision-making, and production phases will squash all of your hesitations about selling an award, including self-doubt. In summary, don’t let the fear of burnt toast keep you from learning to cook delicious food. Likewise, don’t let a little doubt get in the way of creating some amazing awards for your clients.

Don’t wait another minute. Get on the phone with a prospective client or get on the phone with us to line up resources. Let’s get to work!

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