Top Dealership Award

Top Dealership Award – A Showstopper

Sometimes dealers call us and they’re totally stumped. They have no idea where to start in designing or selecting or decorating an award. When customers are at a standstill, our most seasoned Solutions Specialists step in to provide ideas. They help get the wheel of ideas turning to create momentum and help the dealer serve their customer.

We create some of our most remarkable awards this way. We start with next to nothing and then develop an idea into a tangible product with a personalized decoration. And we get really excited about the opportunity to assist with a project at its moment of conception.

One of the most stunning awards that we’ve ever helped to create started this way. A dealer approached us in search of an award concept for the Maserati brand. Individual dealerships would compete to win the award on an annual basis.

At the center of this project was the breadth and majesty of the Maserati brand. Our product designers worked on a concept to present to the dealer. They used multiple imprint options on the Barrington Award to give dimension and creativity to this award. The imprint processes layer one on top of the next to give the award a touch of luxury. Preserving and promoting the Maserati brand was very important.

The Barrington Award is 10 pounds of solid optical crystal and measures 5” W x 7”H. Subtle bevels soften the edges of this award. This design element provides an idyllic frame for artwork and personalization. The incredible beauty of the award made it an ideal lobby piece for a dealership.

The design features the Maserati logo and brand tagline. Along with the title of the award deep etched at the top in bold letters: Dealership of the Year.

Maserati Award Text

Next, the 3D image of a vehicle floats inside the crystal. We created this using subsurface laser engraving.

Maserati Car

Then an elegant 4-color image of a dealership floods the entire backside of the award.

Maserati Dealership

Last, the Maserati logo radiates in vibrant full color on the front side of the award.

Maserati Logo

Our goal was to help our dealer create an award to symbolize the Maserati brand perfectly. The award also needed to be meaningful to the dealers competing to win the award. We are so proud of this design because we accomplished the goal of this project in a way that no one else could.

We truly love to help with projects like this come to life using crystal awards. And this project allowed us to do that using our many imprint options. For a closer look at this project, watch the video below.

If you have a client that wants to create a custom-designed award or a custom imprint, contact us today! We will create ideas and free virtuals for you so that your project can come full-circle.

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