I don't know what the award will look like

I Can’t Sell Awards Because…I Don’t Know What It Will Look Like

Dealers hesitate to sell awards for a number of reasons. I’ve been addressing these preconceived notions in my recent posts. I’ve discussed things like I can’t sell awards because I am not an expert or I can’t sell award because I have no time. Today I am addressing the idea that dealers don’t sell awards because they don’t know what the award will look like.

Valid concern.

It’s important to know what you are buying. When you don’t have a storefront to visit that allows you to hold an item that you would like to buy, it creates a sense of anxious tension. You don’t really know what you are buying exactly. Now consider that dealers are operating on behalf of their customers’ events and personalizing these awards for their recipients as well, more anxious tension is added to this situation.

I think that this is the point in the process when dealers decide not to suggest awards to their customers. The anxious tension combined with doubtful thoughts like “what if this award doesn’t work out” or “what if the award doesn’t really look like the image” come into play. So instead of pursuing a crystal award, they find an alternative that they consider safer.

Does this sound like you? Deep down in your heart, you want to help your customers buy crystal awards but are afraid because you aren’t sure what the awards will look like.

We can help.

Here are three ways for you to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what you will get when you order from Crystal D. Use one option or all three to squelch that anxious tension!

First, you can order a sample of the award. You will see what it looks like when it arrives, complete with a presentation box. You can pick it up, look at it on all sides, and notice all the details in its design. Your client can do the same. When you are done with the sample, you can return it for a refund.

Second, you can request a virtual with the artwork or logo specific to your client. A virtual is a digital proof that is full color and has three dimensions. It provides a realistic (yet simulated) idea of a specific artwork layout. Virtuals come to you via email, as a PDF, so you can forward them to whoever needs to see them.

Last, you can lean on the art proof. The art proof is a two-dimensional image of the award with the exact artwork layout placed on it. An art proof offers no dimension but will show you exactly how the artwork will look like once it is applied to the crystal award.

I suggest that you use all three options to be sure you are getting what you want, the way you want it. Our Solutions department is ready and waiting to help you through each of these steps.

You should not have any anxiety over what an award will look like or feel like or be like. If you use the tools that we offer, you can have confidence and selling awards will be easier.

Send over a logo to get a virtual or proof today or contact our Solutions department to order a sample.

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