Recognize Ongoing Levels of Achievement

Imagine this scenario: you’re a business owner who has been giving out an Employee of the Month award for many years. Each year, you hang a new plaque in the lobby of your building. You cover your wall in matching brown plaques with black nameplates. Your employees have little to no enthusiasm when they see their name on these plaques because these plaques are just plain boring and predictable.

So what can you do to spark interest again?

Try giving out a goal-setter award instead of a plaque. These awards hold a distinct number of blocks and look great on a shelf in your lobby. Every time you add a nameplate to a plaque, you add a block to your goal-setter instead.

Employee of the month is just one of many ways to use a Goal-setter award. Take a look at all of the ideas I have for you!

  • Recognize high scores in a sports tournament with the athlete’s name and the high score on the block.
  • Recognize corporate values. Each employee who exemplifies a certain value adds a block to their goal-setter award.
  • Safety milestones are another great way to use a goal-setter award. Reward employees who drive safely for a number of miles with a block each time they hit a new milestone.

These ideas are only the beginning. You can use a goal-setter award for any stepwise recognition program.

Need a place to start? Check out our goal-setter ideas page where you can see examples of how others have used goal-setter awards. You can also contact our Solutions department to get more ideas or learn more about this amazing group of awards.

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