#ChuckSaid – Sell More by Thinking Differently

Selling is what we do each and every day. It pays the bills, keeps us moving, and gives us a sense of purpose. Make one more sale, place one more purchase order, make one more call – these tasks push us through each day.

This type of thinking is Task Thinking because one task PUSHES us to the next task, then on to another task, and so on. You continuously ask the question, “What is my next task?”

When you ask this question, how do you feel about your work?

Chances are, you feel more weighed down? More frantic? More fragmented?

How does your demeanor change when you ask a different, more meaningful, question: “What value can I bring to my customer today?”

Chances are you feel more positive. More purposeful. More meaningful.

Thinking about value instead of the task at hand is Legacy Thinking. When you ask yourself the question “What value can I bring to my customer today? “positive and productive activities PULL you through the day.

Compare that Task Thinking to Legacy Thinking, a PUSH versus a PULL. If you operated using Legacy Thinking, would you sell more? Would your days be more fulfilling? Would you be more satisfied at work? Experience tells me that “yes,” this type of thinking leads to success more often.

Legacy Thinking refers to legacy because it includes the past, present, and future in a larger context and offers a broader perspective. This can make you a better salesperson.

The first shift happens when you ask yourself, “What value will I bring to my customer?” instead of “Who can I sell this product to?”

You think more about your clients and less about yourself. You move from self-centered selling to customer-focused selling. By simply asking yourself a new question, you create an entirely new perspective.

I like the way Jann Freed describes it when she says this:

“Whether we realize it or not, we are leaving a legacy with the decisions we make and the actions we take. Our legacy is revealed in how others who work with us, for us, and beside us feel and think about us as a result of having been in our presence. We leave a legacy daily…Legacy thinking is grounded in self-awareness, hopes, and intentions. It is focused on what we are leaving behind, where we go, whatever we do, and with whomever we encounter along the way.” (2010)

With this newfound perspective, you’re now in a position to do better. You will get to know your clients better, understand their business better, and offer better solutions. Days filled with Task  Thinking are a drag. Think legacy instead, and you’ll be a better salesperson. Better is always good.

How about you? Do you use Task Thinking or Legacy Thinking more often? Comment below and tell me what you think!

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