The Perfect Product for Any Occasion

Crystal: the Perfect Product for Any Occasion

Scenario One: you’re a rock star executive assistant, working for a major company in your industry. Your company has ten people retiring this year, and they need something special to celebrate this milestone.

Scenario Two: you’re the CEO of a mid-sized company. You just bought another company and want to commemorate the merger with a keepsake of some sort.

Scenario Three: your sales team hit a significant milestone and you want to celebrate their accomplishment with a spectacular award.

Scenario Four: you’re the organizer of an annual golf tournament. You’re looking for a classy and affordable award for first, second, and third place.

What do these four scenarios have in common? They can use crystal to memorialize these very different occasions. Let’s dive into these ideas a little deeper.

We’ve already covered retirement in depth, so check out the link if you haven’t already! Retirement gifts can be ordinary and predictable or extraordinary and personalized. Whether it’s our 4-color imprint process that showcases a beautiful full-color image or our 3D subsurface laser engraving that recreates an image inside crystal, these awards are a reminder of your employee’s hard work.

Company Mergers
Company mergers can be commemorated with a crystal gift. When two companies merge, they may have a small celebration for their employees. At this celebration, the companies can present their employees with a small crystal gift that features the two logos, the new merged logo, and the date of the merger. Your employees are reminded of the new beginning for the company and their role in its future successes.

Sales Award

Sales Milestones
Did your team rock their sales this past year? Did they hit a major milestone and deserve recognition for this achievement? A crystal award can be a prominent feature in their offices because of its prestige.

What if you have multiple employee teams vying for top sales in a quarter? Offer a team award that is displayed in the lobby and give each team member an individual award.

Sports Award
When you think sports, you probably think “plastic gold trophy.” Fun fact: crystal awards are trophies too! The terms are synonymous, so why not consider a spectacular crystal award instead of a typical sports trophy? A golf tournament with first, second, and third-place winners, a bowling alley that commemorates perfect games, or a hockey team thanking its sponsors. All of these sports occasions are a perfect way to use a crystal trophy.

Golf Awards

If these ideas weren’t enough to make you consider a crystal award, remember that it is so versatile! Whether you have a small budget or an unlimited budget, crystal can fit the bill. Even adding an additional imprint to make the award, gift, or trophy truly one-of-a-kind is still affordable excellence.

Ready to find the perfect crystal award, gift, or trophy? Drop us a line, and one of our Memory Makers will be in touch.

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