Daisy the Distributor

Daisy the Distributor and the Three Awards Suppliers

Once upon a time, there was a distributor named Daisy. Daisy was in search of an awards supplier to help her find the very best awards for her top clients. She searched around the promo products industry to find the right fit, but no one was quite right. To help clear her head, Daisy headed out on a walk. Maybe inspiration would strike on the way.

Daisy headed out of her office in the big city, intending on just circling the block, when she suddenly found herself in a lush forest. Unexpectedly surrounded by beautiful greenery, Daisy kept walking as she enjoyed the change of scenery.

After a short while, she stumbled upon a four-story brick building. There was no sign indicating what was inside, but Daisy decided to enter it anyway. A sign greeted her that said “Welcome to Your Awards Shop, Daisy!”

This magic sign knew her name! And it knew what she needed most for her clients at that moment. This must be a place full of the most amazing treasures she could ask for. Daisy cautiously approached the first door because even if the magic sign knew what she needed, one can never be too careful. She read the sign on the door.


Daisy entered the room and found three walls filled with nothing but blue awards. She looked around the massive room and her eyes found a variety of awards in different shapes and sizes. Seeing the amount of awards on these walls, Daisy knew there had to be something in there she could share with her clients, so she headed to the wall on her left.

This wall had hundreds of awards! There were so many to choose from. But as Daisy walked along the wall, nothing stood out to her. She picked up an award and knew it was acrylic. She’d had some success in the past with acrylic, but it wasn’t her first choice. Daisy picked up piece after acrylic piece and saw the shades of blue weren’t the same in awards of the same style. She noticed the clear portions of some awards had started to turn a dull yellow.

“This isn’t quite right,” Daisy said as she picked up another award. “These are too light and too cheap. My clients would be disappointed if I offered these.”

She crossed the room and headed to the wall on the right side of the room. These awards were much different than the ones on the left side. There weren’t as many as there were on the other side, but these awards were absolutely beautiful. Daisy couldn’t help but stare at each award individually. She picked each one up and was in awe at the curves of the award combined with the brilliant deep blue of each one.

“These awards are incredible!” she said to herself. “I know my clients would LOVE this awa- IS THAT THE PRICE?!” Daisy was gobsmacked to see this 6-inch award with a four-digit price tag.

“There’s no way I could offer that to my clients, no matter how much they’d love it,” Daisy sighed. “They’re budget busters, and I’d never be able to sell them.”

Daisy slowly walked to the last wall, disheartened by the perfect yet monstrously expensive awards. She looked up and saw roughly 100 awards that were not only blue but also clear. She picked up the first award, a deep blue diamond on a clear base.

“WOW!” Daisy cried. “This award is stunning!”

As she held the award up, the light in the room caught it just right, and a radiant sparkle shined around the room. “This is amazing!” Daisy said, practically shouting across the room. “But an award this beautiful has to be expensive.” Her face fell as she braced herself for the price tag: $146.00.

“That’s it?!” Daisy shouted. “That’s perfect! This award is beautiful, durable, shiny, and affordable! I could sell this in a heartbeat.”

Suddenly behind her, Daisy heard a ding. A mysterious elevator appeared behind her. Daisy was cautious because elevators don’t just appear. But she was also intrigued because elevators don’t just appear. Daisy entered the elevator and noticed the second floor was already selected for her. “I guess I’m going up,” she said.

Daisy reached the second floor and was greeted with a sign that said


Daisy immediately thought of two clients that needed awards for their years of service programs, and she was impressed that the elevator knew what she needed.

Daisy headed to the wall on the right and saw t-shirts and pens and padfolios and mugs. “This isn’t quite right,” Daisy said. “I already have all of these things to go along with the years of service program. I just need the awards. If this was all I offered, I might lose the program.”

The back wall looked like it might be more promising, so she headed to the back. As she scanned the wall, Daisy saw nothing but plaques. Wood plaques, acrylic plaques, stone plaques. They were beautiful, but they weren’t what she needed either. “My clients specifically said no plaques. This program might be harder than I thought.”

As Daisy headed to the left wall, she saw a sparkle. And another sparkle. And another sparkle. It was like walking into a diamond mine. Daisy was excited to see what the left wall had for her because she was a girl who loves bling.

And bling is what she got! Daisy saw tall awards, short awards, black awards, green awards, awards with artwork inside, awards with the deepest etch she’d ever seen! And every single one had an incredible glisten as the light bounced off of it. Each one highlighted a different year her clients could commemorate for their employees, and each one was in a different price point. Daisy was thrilled. “I have so many options to offer!” she said. “My clients will love that these fit into any budget.”

As Daisy finished her thought, the magic elevator appeared to take her to the third floor. Daisy knew she had nothing to lose, so she ran into the elevator, excited to see what the next floor had in store for her.

As the elevator dinged and arrived on the third floor, Daisy read the sign in front of her:


This was Daisy’s greatest award fear. “Custom awards are SO HARD,” Daisy thought. “There’s no way I could offer my client custom awards.” Nevertheless, Daisy entered the room since the other two proved to be successful.

On the back wall, she saw nothing but a small piece of paper. So obviously that was the first stop.

“We’re sorry. We don’t offer custom awards.”

This was Daisy’s fear coming true. “Of course you don’t,” Daisy said.

The left wall was different. Daisy could see detailed and intricate awards. They were beautiful, and they were exactly what her clients would want to see. “These are in my price range? How could I not offer these?” Daisy said as she walked over to read the list of requirements.

“Eight months?! My clients don’t have eight months to create an award!” Daisy exclaimed. “I could never sell them on this idea. These take way too long.”

Ready to give up, Daisy walked over to the right wall which she noticed was divided in half. On the left side were beautiful custom awards. Detailed and colorful, they were everything Daisy wanted. To top it off, they were affordable enough that her clients would jump at the chance to design their own award. But Daisy knew the timeline would be off.

To her surprise, these custom awards would be available in just 8-10 weeks! “These are just right,” Daisy said. “But why is this wall divided in half?”

Daisy headed to the other half of the wall to see what she could learn. “These awards look just like some of the ones I saw on other floors,” she said. “But they look…different.”

As Daisy tried to figure out what her brain was processing, a light appeared above a note. Daisy quickly walked over to the note to read it.

“Your clients say they want custom. What they really want is customized artwork. Let us do the work and give them a showstopper!”

The magic note knew what she wanted and what her customers wanted. Daisy’s eyes lit up and a huge smile was plastered across her face. “What did I just find? Who makes these awards?!”

As if on cue, the magic elevator appeared to take her to the last floor. As Daisy entered the elevator, a recording greeted her instead of the standard elevator music.

“You’ve made it through all three floors, Daisy. And each wall you chose was from the same supplier. Are you ready to find out who has everything you could possibly need in one place?”

Daisy was practically falling on the floor because she was so excited.

“YES!!! Tell me who my exclusive awards supplier is!”

The doors to the elevator opened, and in the middle of the room was a small table under a spotlight. Daisy sprinted to the table and saw samples from the three walls she chose. As she reached the table, the logo of her new supplier appeared on the wall.

 Crystal D Logo

“You chose an awards supplier who has been providing ‘The WOW Effect’ for 25 years,” said a voice from above. “They have a dedicated team who are ready to help you create the perfect program. Grab some catalogs and give them a call.”

Daisy grabbed a copy of all three Crystal D catalogs and ran out the door. When she got back to her office, she gave Crystal D a call and worked with her new best friend – her solutions specialist – to create stunning free virtuals for her next meeting. And what do you know? She nailed the presentation and got the order.

And Daisy lived happily – and successfully – ever after.

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