Anything But a Boring Plaque!

    Imagine for a minute that you work for a state fire department. Your job is to find awards for an annual banquet that honors brave and hard-working firefighters. Your first instinct is to stick with what you’ve always given: a plaque.

    But then you realize something: the plaque is getting repetitive and kind of boring.

    What kind of award will turn heads? What can represent them and their profession to the fullest? Is there something unexpected to give them? Continue reading…

    Easy Sale - Sell Value

    #ChuckSaid – Make It an Easy Sale; Sell Value

    As a dealer, you know it is much easier to work with a customer who wants to buy than one that needs to be ‘sold.’  When your customer wants to buy, the selling process is easier, faster, and less stressful. However, when a customer needs to be ‘sold,’ your job gets harder. You wonder, “When and how I am going to close this sale?”

    You can avoid this tenuous situation by leading with value and following up with product features. Continue reading…

    Corporate/Executive Gifts

    Give Your Executives the Gift of Crystal!

    Keeping top talent is hard. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing your business. And the executives at your company have worked hard to get where they are. So what happens when you don’t show your appreciation?

    They leave.

    When they leave, you lose your leaders and their creativity. You lose decision-makers who guide your company toward success.

    What can you do to motivate them, strengthen your relationship with them, and create memories? Continue reading…

    Retirement Awards

    Break the Mold of Ordinary Retirement Gifts with Something Extraordinary!

    Retirement is a big deal. A person has worked hard, and now it’s time for them to relax and enjoy life. Don’t let this occasion pass by! Celebrate your recipient and all of their accomplishments. But how can you make this truly meaningful?

    Traditional retirement gifts are clocks or watches or plaques. Nothing super unique. Let’s change the status quo from boring and predictable to personal and colorful. You can combine the sparkle of crystal and the color of photography to create a one-of-a-kind retirement gift. Continue reading…

    Create a Gold-Medal Presentation

    #ChuckSaid – How to Create a Gold Medal Presentation

    The 2018 Olympics recently wrapped up. I love the Olympics. I tried to watch as much as I could. My favorite part is watching one winner after the next receive their prized gold medal. I try to imagine what that moment must feel like for the winner, standing in front of thousands of people who celebrate my victory. What a rush! Can you even imagine?

    I watched the winners bow their heads slightly to receive their medals, then look up and wave at their adoring fans. This moment of recognition is executed flawlessly. The people that organize the Olympics make presenting an award look easy. But, I assure you, planning and executing a once-in-a-lifetime award experience is not as easy as it looks.

    I have been giving awards to my employees for 14 years. That totals roughly 140 award presentations throughout my career. Most presentations went well while others have gone terribly. I have learned the hard way that there is a certain technique to presenting an award. There is a way to connect with the winner on stage in an authentic way; saying the right thing at the right time. I have discovered that it takes both authenticity and practice to make a gold-medal award presentation.

    I want your award presentations to be meaningful and effective. So I will share with you what I’ve learned – here’s WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO. Continue reading…

    Jake Calleja

    2017 Commitment Value Champion: Jake Calleja

    We’re always pumped to recognize our employees every year at WOW Day, and we love to recognize new Value Champions (VCs).

    What’s a Value Champion?
    Excellent question, and I’m glad you asked. A Value Champion is someone who has been nominated by their peers and selected by managers as someone who lives out one of our five core values. This person is the one who lived out a value the best this past year. Our VCs receive some awesome perks throughout the year, and they also get opportunities to make a difference in the company. Continue reading…

    I Can't Sell Awards Because They're Too Expensive

    I Can’t Sell Awards Because…They Are Too Expensive

    To me, inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap. It means less than $75. And lucky for you, Crystal D offers a bunch of awards and gifts that fit into this category that you will love! In fact, we have 175 awards and gifts that are less than $75. Stick with me for a few minutes, and I will shatter the presumption that Crystal D sells only high-end awards and that you can’t sell awards because they are too expensive. Continue reading…

    Awards vs Apparel

    #ChuckSaid – Awards and Apparel

    A first-time customer stopped by my office last week. She is an industry veteran and one of the top salespeople in her organization. She told me that she just started selling awards. Astonished, I had to ask her why she had waited so long. She said, “Chuck, I thought awards were just too hard to sell. Boy, was I wrong.”

    Over the years, many distributors have told me the exact same thing! Once you give it a shot, you’ll realize that selling awards is not hard, just different.

    I want to debunk the myths that surround award sales by comparing award sales to the largest product segment in our industry – apparel. These myths are:

    • It is hard to make money selling awards; I can make more money selling apparel
    • My clients don’t ask for awards
    • There must be a lot of competition selling awards
    • Award sales are too time-consuming

    Continue reading…

    Your Company's Leaders, The Cherry on Top

    Honor Incredible Leadership with a Crystal Award

    A leader creates a vision for the future, motivates and inspires, and builds a team. They solve problems, look forward, and have a “not good enough” attitude. Peers look up to them and come to them for guidance and advice. Leaders deserve an award that makes them feel that they are truly a valued member of the team and should be rewarded for their continued dedication.

    In a way, leaders are the best part of a delicious ice cream sundae. The company is the ice cream – a great base and wonderful all on its own. The employees are the toppings like whipped cream and chocolate and caramel – the things that make it better. And leaders are the cherry on top. They make the sundae perfect with their attitude, abilities, and impact on the company.

    What types of leadership activities are worthy of recognition? And what kinds of awards can you give? Here are a few awards that we’ve created to recognize different leaders in an organization. Continue reading…