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The goal of all award presentations is to create an emotion that has a long-lasting memory. You can create that memory with a dazzling Illumachrome™ award. 

Illumachrome™ is a process where any 4-color image can be adhered to a crystal award or gift, giving it a multi-dimensional and vibrant appearance. Average awards turn into stellar masterpieces when this process is employed.

Here are a few ideas to inspire some creativity. Don't forget: our Memory Makers are standing by ready to show you creative ideas and FREE virtuals*. Just fill out the web form above!



An image can cover the entire backside of an award, or it can be used as a small accent to call attention to one specific design element. Additionally, the image can be applied using an opaque or a translucent covering, depending on the preference of the client. 

Our artists can help you make the most of your award layout by providing recommendations on imprint and design. Every artwork design and recognition occasion are special! We strive to help you create a design that will deliver “The WOW Effect”™ and create a symbol of excellence. 
If you would like more examples of how to use this dynamic imprint process, take a look at these four application ideas by clicking here:

  • A new corporate venture
  • A new product launch
  • A new building commitment
  • Commemorate an everyday scene at work

To download the Illumachrome™ flyer, click here. Check out more of our Illumachrome™ products by visiting our Illumachrome™ gallery.

*Exceptions apply.