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The More, The Merrier

Multiple imprints bring a corporate crystal award to life. See how we used multiple imprints to create this stunning award.

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A luxury automobile company honored their top dealerships with an award that embodied the beauty and elegance of their brand. They chose an elegant optical crystal award and customized it using a variety of imprint processes.

Suspended inside the award is a three-dimensional laser engraved replica of the manufacturer’s most prestigious vehicle. Spanning the entire background is a 4-color replica of the dealership entrance. To add even more dimension, the logo was added to the front of the award for all to see. Together, the mix of design and imprint on this award makes a statement of prestige and class that only a crystal award can provide.

Each quarter, deserving top dealerships were presented with this stunning award. The award was designed with great attention to detail and the utmost concern for symbolizing the company brand. 

To download the Maserati flyer, click here.

Think outside of the box with multiple imprints to create your one-of-a-kind award.

Every award is created with the flawless beauty of crystal. Using multiple imprint options such as 3D laser engraving along with deep etch or Ilumachrome™ is just one way we can make “The WOW Effect”™ come to life for each and every recipient of a Crystal D award. Our awards have been inspiring unforgettable memories for more than 30 years and we look forward to continuing with your special award project. We want to get started on a project for you! Fill out the form above, and someone will reach out to you shortly!

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